The Graduate Program in Music of UFBA (PPGMUS), which completed 25 years in 2015, was created in 1990 as part of a broader cultural movement, which preceded it. This movement resulted from the vision of Rector Edgard Santos and the creation of the art schools of the Federal University of Bahia in the 50 decade, with a strong avant-garde accent. In music, he was the leader of Hans Joachim Koellreutter and subsequently Ernst Widmer, the lead in these early years. It thus responds to interweaving of lines that guided the creation and consolidation of the old music seminars of UFBA (1954), such as: The quality of execution, the challenge of creation and musical memory in Brazil, the commitment to the processes of Education and awareness of the cultural diversity of Bahia and Brazil.

The creation of the Master's (1990) and Doctorate (1997) marks a kind of culmination of this process that now exceeds six decades, and represents, in an unquestionable way, a prominent presence in national academic and artistic environment, both due to the commitment to Artistic production of quality, materialized by uninterrupted presence in important national and international events, as for the contribution to the development of research in music in the country, a research whose consolidation is the fruit, in many respects, Of the pioneering work of professors of the PPGMUS both in research development agencies, in national and international scientific associations, or as consultants and consultancies educational and editorial in various instances.

 He adds, since the beginning of the master's degree, four areas of concentration — composition, Musical execution, Musical education and ethnomusicology — to which he joined the area of musicology, created in 2009 and having his first defense held in 2012. The Faculty of the PPGMUS is currently formed by 18 professors: Prof. Ana Cristina Tourinho, Angela Lühning, Diana Santiago, Flavia Candusso, Guilherme Bertissolo, Heinz Schwebel, Helena Souza Nunes, Joel Barbosa, José Maurício V. Brandão, Laila Rosa, Lucas Robatto, Pablo Sotuyo, Paulo Costa Lima, Wellington Gomes and Wellington Mendes (15 permanent) and Ekaterina Konopleva, Guilherme Maia and Marcos da Silva Sampaio (3 Collaborators) – among which two CNPq productivity fellows.